Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grave Defense Gold - Free Download Android Game .apk

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Download Grave Defense Gold

GRave Defense Gold is a tower defense game for Android phone. GRave Defenses has many innovative features comparing to usual tower defense game. You will be able to find tons of different towers in this tower defense game. Each tower has its own special features like explosive projectiles, ability to boost other tower or to freeze angry enemies. There are lots of angry mutants in the game and some of them have special features like ability to slow down tower, to lock tower or to destroy tower. Another innovative feature is the bonuses, they are appearing on the map from time to time. Bonuses can damage mutated zombies, give money or improve the closest tower. If player has got a positive result he will be rewarded with an achievement. Thus GRave Defense is not a usual tower defense game it has many advantages in contrast to other tower defense games. If you like tower defense games - play Grave Defense
Grave Defense Gold Screens shot

Direct Download Grave Defense Gold:
Grave Defense Gold
versions: 1.4
size: 3.9Mb

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