Monday, May 16, 2011

Tutorial Install Xrecovery in X8

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Tutorial Install Xrecovery in X8

Xrecovery Screen Shot

This tutorial will help you install Xrecovery in Xperia X8. Also working for x10 mini, w8 and maybe others model. I also add tutorial how to use xrecovery and how to install costum ROM.

1. Xperia X8 ROOTED
2. Xrecovery with offline charging and busybox.
3. Root Explorer

What is Xrecovery?
Xrecovery are used in Android phone to backup and restore ROM, install update to system, install costum ROM, wipe partitions, wipe data, and many more.

How to install Xrecovery
1. Your phone must be ROOTED
2. Install Root Explorer.apk in your phone.
3. Extract to your SD Card to any folder.
4. Make new folder in SD Card "Xrecovery/backup" (make "Xrecovery" then make "backup" inside "Xrecovery" folder).
4. open Root explorer and copy all extracted file to "/system/bin" before paste, click "Mount R/W" in top corner of Root explorer to change system from R/O (read only) to R/W (read write).

How to use Xrecovery
1. Shutdown your phone, and turn ON again. When u see white "Sony Ericsson" font in screen hurry press "back" button and press again, and again until you entered xrecovery interface.
2. Remember this, because we can't use touch screen
-- Volume + = Up
-- Volume - = down
-- Back = back
-- Menu = enter
3. From Xrecovery Interface:
- Reboot phone = Restart your phone
- Install update = Install script "" from folder "/SDcard/Xrecovery/backup"
- Factory reset = Full restore default configurations.
- Wipe cache partition = Format cache partition.
- Install costum zip = Install costum .zip file from any folder in SD Card.
- Backup and Restore = Backup and restore ROM from and to "/Sdcard/Xrecovery/backup" folder.
- Partition tools = About partitions
- Advance options = don't play with this if you don't have enought knowledge.

Tutorial Using Xrecovery to install costum ROM
This tutorial for installing costum ROM, Cyanogen ROM for example.
What u need only Costum ROM file.
Usually in zip, with 4 file inside:

1. Place all 4 file in one folder (any name, and must one folder) and copy folder to SDcard-->xrecovery-->backup.
2. Reboot your phone, and open xrecovery like tutorial above.
3. select "Backup and Restore"
4. Select "backup" to backup current ROM before installing costum ROM.
5. After done, select "restore" and after done Reboot your phone.
6. Gd Luck :)

NB: your backup ROM in SDCard-->xrecovery-->backup. And folder named based time, for example 2011-03-05.

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